product information

The A+nyWhere Learning SystemŽ software program consists of an Internet-deliverable instructional management system supported by standards-based assessment tools and core curriculum for grades 1-12. The program contains over 3,400 lessons and 78,000 exercises, which add up to more than 4,300 hours of technology-based instruction.
  product benefits

Aside from the presentation of courseware, the A+nyWhere Learning SystemŽ also offers a full suite of management tools that can manage and maintain useful administrative data, including reports that indicate measurements of performance by student, school, and district. Other features include:

  • Management of teaching resources
  • Customization of curriculum content
  • Assessment against specific standards
  • Integration of third party teaching resources
  •   request a demo

    To request an online demonstration of the A+nyWhere Learning SystemŽ, contact The American Education Corporation toll-free at 800-248-0757.